Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fitness Update

To be perfectly honest, despite having no excuses, I have not been fully faithful to my plan for the Work Weight Loss challenge this last week.  I've been good, but I fell short of my ideal goals (again).  I want to be exercising every day, and I have not.  I want to be eating healthier even when I'm not drinking health shakes, but half the time I am not doing that either.

To be fair, I wanted to hoop this past weekend - but it actually RAINED ALL WEEKEND, and my hooping space is outside.  I happen to live in Texas, and for anyone who keeps up with the news, you might be aware that the entire state (as large as it is) is in the grips of the worst drought in recorded history for the region.  I was delighted to have the rain (as were my plants and yard), but it ended up being the excuse I used in my head to not exercise when I had the time.  I suppose I could have gone out and exercised in the rain, but I chose not to.  I could have done yoga inside, but I didn't do that either.

The positive news is that I did massive amounts of housework in that time that desperately needed doing, and now my house is a much more pleasant environment.  I suppose that housework burns calories too, but in a much less focused way.  I will say this for it - doing the housework is bound to be a more proactive choice than sitting on the couch playing on the internet all day, or watching movies, or even reading a least in terms of my current goals.  And I am super pleased that my husband worked hard on the house with me, especially on the laundry.  Result?  Not only is the house cleaner than it has been in a long time, but we have a closet full of clean clothes that are all put away.  :-)

I completely ignored my nutrition plan over the weekend too - opting instead to eat out at restaurants with my husband.  Cost?  I ate too much super rich food.  Benefits?  It was delicious and I spent an awesomely large quantity of highly enjoyable time with my husband.  Once again, not the choices I set out to make, but in the end I think the cost-benefit analysis shows that I made the right choice in the long run.  We only live once, we should choose actions that result in long term happiness.  If I had this past weekend to live over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

I suppose the lesson here for me is that Values trump Goals.  We hope that our Values empower our ability to reach our goals, that they are aligned...but when they are not, even for a short period of time, the priority must be what we Value most in life. For me this past weekend that looked like this:  Relationships > Fitness.

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