Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classroom Tetris...again

The administrator who assigned me the very tiny classroom I occupy at one of my schools came by my room yesterday.  We talked after school, and she again lamented the fact that I had no where else to go, and how crowded my classes felt.  I asked if she had any suggestions to open up more space - I'd already redone the basic layout of my room a few times so far this year.  After pondering for a moment, she asked if I actually used my desk - she'd never seen me be anywhere near it.  She's right of course - even when she's not around, I really don't use a desk.  As I write, I have my laptop in my lap (it makes sense to me!).  I'm not much for working at a desk unless I am crafting.  Even then, practically any convenient flat surface will do.  So yesterday evening my desk and a barely used bookcase were removed from my room.

I rearranged again.  The room appears considerably larger now than it did before.  I seriously need to post the before and after pics...  But I need to redo my wall decor before I take pictures.

Now if only I had a bigger carpet...<sigh> It wouldn't hurt to ask, would it? 

Before, when I said that by the time I got around to posting pictures of my redone room, that I'd have redone it again....I was right.  I'd really like to stop moving my furniture now though.

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