Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I love February!

February is one of my favorite months.  It just gets better the older I get.  First, my birthday is in February.  That alone is reason for favoritism!  But then I got into music education, and TMEA is also always in February.  It was awesome in college, but now as a full on professional teacher, I savor it just as much or more - because I see tons of people I adore, who I almost never see otherwise.  Old friends and teachers, former colleagues, etc.  Some of these people I have known since elementary school, and we eventually ended up in the same career field (3 specific individuals come to mind immediately).  Anyway, it's always good to catch up, compare notes, get new ideas, and learn some new things together.  And buy some new toys, um, I mean TOOLS for our classrooms. 

Yesterday I found a whole new reason to love February:  my newest niece.  She's adorable.  As perfectly precious as anyone could hope for.  I have three nieces, and of those, this is the only one I got to meet right away.  The other two were born in other cities, and I didn't get to meet them until they were a few months old already.  I will admit, it's a perspective altering experience, meeting someone so new to the world, and realizing exactly how small and precious a human life can be.  Mostly, how precious.  I find other forms of life precious too, of course - all life is precious, regardless of form - but yesterday's experience definitely honed in on my feelings about human life.  A great affirmation, I suppose, of the thoughts and beliefs I already held.  I hope that this sweet little girl grows up to be as amazing as my other two nieces, and as amazing as her parents.  I couldn't be happier for them, I know they will be great. :-D

May everyone be blessed to see the wonderful little things in their lives today, and every day - time for me to go back to my really hectic schedule!

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